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What is Spelling Bee?

The New York Times Spelling Bee is a word game made by Frank Longo and distributed by The New York Times. It has been available in print since 2014 and online since 2018. Players make words using the letters in a honeycomb pattern, with a central letter surrounded by six others. Words must have at least four letters. Answers are posted online. The game is like Boggle but without a time limit, and it’s great for word puzzle lovers.

Who Created Spelling Bee Puzzle?

Frank Longo developed the NYT Spelling Bee after Shortz’s suggestion, influenced by The Times’ Polygon game. It debuted in print in 2014 as a weekly feature in The New York Times and gained popularity. The game went online in 2018, reaching a wider audience.

Spelling Bee Answers Today


Today’s Pangrams

2 words

4-Letter Answers

13 words

5-Letter Answers

15 words

6-Letter Answers

13 words

7-Letter Answers

6 words

8-Letter Answers

3 words

What is Scoring in Spelling Bee and How Do You Earn More Points?

Yes, the NYT Spelling Bee game has a scoring system. In this word game, you earn points by correctly spelling words. The scoring system is straightforward and easy to understand.

  • In the NYT Spelling Bee game, 4-letter words are worth 1 point each. So if you spell a 4-letter word correctly, you get 1 point.
  • Longer words earn 1 point per letter, so a correctly spelled 6-letter word earns you 6 points.
  • Each puzzle has at least one “Pangram,” which uses every letter, and it’s worth 7 extra points.
  • If you can spell a pangram correctly, you’ll earn 7 points in addition to the points for the word’s length.

Pangrams are a helpful way to earn extra points, so remember to watch out for them while playing the game. Now that you understand the scoring system, you can start playing and aim for a high score!

Rules For Playing Spelling Bee

Understand the Rules

In the game, “The New York Times Spelling Bee,” players earn points by creating words using a grid of 7 letters. The words must have a minimum of four letters and must include the center letter of the grid, which is in a honeycomb shape.

Score Points

Players score points by creating words with the letters in the grid. The number of points earned depends on the length of the word found. Four-letter words are worth 1 point, five-letter words are worth 5 points, six-letter words are worth 6 points, and so on. Additionally, players can earn titles like “Solid,” “Amazing,” or “Genius” based on their performance.

Look for Pangrams

Every puzzle in the game is guaranteed to have at least one pangram. A pangram is a sentence that includes every letter of the alphabet at least once, like the example “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” When a player discovers a pangram, they receive the highest number of points possible.

Aim for Queen Bee

If players successfully discover all the possible words in a given puzzle, they earn the prestigious title of “Queen Bee” and receive the maximum points for that round!

Utilize Online Tools

There are various online tools available that can provide hints and analysis for daily puzzle selections. One example is William Shunn’s tool, which can assist you in your journey toward becoming the Queen Bee!

Tips For Playing Spelling Bee

Utilize the Shuffle Button

Using the shuffle button to rearrange the letters in the hive can be helpful in recognizing different letter combinations and words that may not be apparent when they are in a static position.

Reuse Letters

Unlike some other word-making games, Spelling Bee allows players to gain an advantage by reusing letters. This feature enables players to discover words like “MAMA” and “MAMMA” when the common letters “A” and “M” are present in the hive. It presents an opportunity to accumulate more points.

Build from Previous Words

Check your list of “already found” words to see if you can extend them and create new words, which can earn you additional points in the game.

Memorize Common Letter Combinations

Mentally maintain a list of letter combinations that can form long words, such as “C-O-N” (which creates “COCOON”), “P-E-T” (which forms “TEEPEE” and “TEPEE”), and so on. This can help you identify and construct longer words for scoring purposes.

Look out for Plurals

Although the word “Spelling Bee” doesn’t contain an “S,” plurals can still be formed in the game. Keep an eye out for plural words like “TEETH,” “CELLI,” “ABACI” (the plural of ‘abacus’), “WOMEN,” “FEET,” “CURRICULA,” “PHENOMENA,” “INDICIA,” and many more. Don’t forget to consider and recognize these plural forms during gameplay!

Facebook Friends

Utilize the Facebook Connect feature to add friends from Facebook and play the game together with them.

Where We Can Play Spelling Bee Game

The New York Times Spelling Bee game is available to play online on the New York Times website and through the New York Times Games app for iOS and Android devices.

The daily puzzle is released at 3 a.m. EST every day, and subscribers have access to the puzzle answers shortly after its release.

Subscribers can also play the same daily puzzle featured in the print edition of The New York Times using The Crossword app on their phone, tablet, or web browser.

Additionally, the game can be downloaded for free in the NYT Games app, offering puzzles for all skill levels to enhance players’ word-forming abilities.

What Dictionary Does Spelling Bee Use

The New York Times Spelling Bee game utilizes a specific word list that includes commonly used words, along with some challenging ones.

Proper names, archaic words, and inappropriate terms are not included in this list. It may contain sound words or uncommon variations of common words.

The specific dictionary used by the game is not disclosed, so it’s advisable to rely on your general knowledge and intuition. Even if a guessed word is not valid, there are no penalties imposed.

FAQs About Spelling Bee Answers

Is The NYT Spelling Bee Free?

The New York Times Spelling Bee requires a subscription, but there’s a free alternative called Free Bee that allows unlimited play.

How Does NYT Spelling Bee Grid Work?

The New York Times Spelling Bee is a popular word puzzle game where players form words using the central letter. They can use the Spelling Bee Assistant add-on and Spelling Bee Solver script for help. With the right strategy, players can overcome frustrations and enjoy the game.

Is There an NYT Spelling Bee Archive?

The New York Times offers an archive of answers and analysis for the Spelling Bee puzzle, allowing players to access past solutions and insights.

Does NYT Spelling Bee Get Harder?

The New York Times Spelling Bee is a fun word game available since 2018, with consistent difficulty levels throughout the week. It offers personal satisfaction and challenges, including finding Pangrams, making it an addictive and enjoyable game.

When Does NYT Spelling Bee Refresh?

The New York Times Spelling Bee updates daily at 3 a.m. EST. Subscribers can view the previous day’s answers and a new puzzle is released each day in print and online since 2014 and 2018.

What is a Good Score on NYT Spelling Bee?

In the New York Times Spelling Bee, aim for a 7-letter word or more for a good score. To reach the genius level, get 79% of the remaining points if the pangram is missed. Longer words are worth their length, and pangrams earn 7 points. Aim for 99 points for the highest genius level. Use daily hints and solve quality puzzles to progress.

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