NYT Crossword Clue April 09, 2024 Answer

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 NYT Crossword Clue Answer

The full solution for the NY Times April 09, 2024, Crossword puzzle is displayed below.

Across Clues

Wild guessSTAB
Vehicles with credit card readersCABS
Office subsTEMPS
It runs hotLAVA
“Call on me! Call on me!”OHOH
“See you all later”IMOUT
Bit of Indian musicRAGA
Cat, cutesilyKITTY
“Hey, Mr. Gazillionaire from Omaha ? go shine the car!”WARRENBUFFIT
Add fuel toSTOKE
Have trouble with one’s balance?OWE
Nickname shared by two Spice GirlsMEL
Fly ball just beyond the infieldLOOPER
Noted Spanish muralistGOYA
“Hey, Julia Roberts’s ex ? you’re doing great!”LYLELOVEIT
First name of Donald Trump’s first wifeIVANA
Come togetherMERGE
“Hey, patriarch of 1960s television ? shut up!”JEDCLAMPIT
Pep rally cheersRAHS
Difficult experienceORDEAL
Little devilIMP
When one might show up, for shortETA
Food ___ (post-meal state)COMA
Civil rights org. founded in 1909NAACP
“Hey, acclaimed Australian actress ? prepare the broccoli!”CATEBLANCHIT
Occam’s ___RAZOR
Menu makerCHEF
European heavy weight?KILO
Use, as energyEXERT
Driving test obstacleCONE
Vogue competitorELLE
Tubular pastaPENNE
Insult, informallyDISS
Shredded side dishSLAW
Kind of dining style with small platesTAPAS

Vertical Clues

Shredded side dishSLAW
Kind of dining style with small platesTAPAS
Stave offAVERT
Lady Gaga hit included on Rolling Stone’s “500 Greatest Songs of All Time” listBADROMANCE
Ivy in upstate New YorkCORNELL
Melville captainAHAB
Full of baloneyBOGUS
Elevator passagewaySHAFT
Spot to sip a mai taiTIKIROOM
Send forthEMIT
Bon ___ (witticism)MOT
Hog havenSTY
Barely manage, with “out”EKE
Take a tumbleFALL
Field for a voice major, perhapsOPERA
Consider, as pros and consWEIGH
Some Art Deco worksERTES
Brought nine possible outfits for a one-night stay, e.g.OVERPACKED
First doll to be marketed as an “action figure”GIJOE
When said three times, “You get the idea”YADDA
Source of Thanksgiving carbsYAM
Whitney who invented the cotton ginELI
Alternative to prix fixeALACARTE
“S.N.L.” alumna who wrote “Bossypants”TINAFEY
Holy city in IslamMECCA
Bowlful at a Super Bowl watch partyCHILI
Medicine tabletsPILLS
Tortilla optionCORN
Observance that might include Fish FridaysLENT
Congressional title: Abbr.REP
Horror film propAXE
Chill, so to speakZEN

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