NYT Crossword Clue Answer April 13, 2024

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 NYT Crossword Clue Answer

The full solution for the NY Times 13 April, 2024 Crossword puzzle is displayed below.

Across Clues

Evidence of hungerPANGS
Whimsically move from here to thereSKIP
Org. with eligibility requirementsNCAA
Capellini lookalikeANGELHAIR
Felt hatDERBY
Request for enlightenmentYOUTELLME
“Thanks for the update,” when said sarcasticallyIMWELLAWARE
Something you might gloss overLIP
T, in a codeDAH
Spiritual teacher in Hinduism or BuddhismYOGINI
Latin opposite of “mala”BONA
Fit for a queen?DRAG
Turner who said “Forsaking glamour is like forsaking my identity”LANA
Music disc?GONG
Marion Crane’s sister in “Psycho”LILA
Butt to bumCIG
Mousse, e.g.GOO
“Chill, bro”EASYMAN
Causes of some P.R. nightmaresHOTMICS
One stymied by security questions, sayBOT
Go all overGAD
Utility subject, in briefECON
Some fund-raising grps.PTAS
Expression of shockGAPE
Tech expo offeringDEMO
Quartz varietyJASPER
“Enjoy the honey-heavy ___ of slumber”: Shak.DEW
___ Grove, Missouri locale that marked the original starting point for the Oregon TrailELM
Musician who once joked “I’m not offended by all of the dumb blonde jokes because I know I’m not dumb ? and I also know that I’m not blonde”DOLLYPARTON
What’s sharp near the bottom?DIAPERPIN
Tuscan citySIENA
“So ? thumbs-down?”ISTHATANO
Checks for clothesPLAID
Cry while swishing one’s handSHOO
Kind of questionYESNO
Game played on a road tripPADIDDLE
Song title shared by Schubert and BeyoncéAVEMARIA

Vertical Clues

Game played on a road tripPADIDDLE
Song title shared by Schubert and BeyoncéAVEMARIA
Creatures with the scientific name Monodon monocerosNARWHALS
On the D.L.SLYLY
Like some smiles and winksKNOWING
Jason’s pet in “FoxTrot”IGUANA
Eponym for a dishPETRI
They don’t care for icing, for shortNHL
Finding the bull’s-eyeAIMING
Street food filled with quesoAREPA
Guess alternativeLEE
Early 2000s memeLOLCAT
Grew rapidly, in a wayBOOMED
Place to go out and be outGAYBAR
Successfully prankedGOT
Really open up in therapyGODEEP
Personal styles, in briefMOS
Question that’s more of a comment meaning “Look at what you’ve done!”HAPPYNOW
Cold brewsICEDTEAS
“The door’s open!”COMEONIN
Portmanteau for a rare winter phenomenonSNOWNADO
Fuel conduitGASLINE
Smoothness, so to speakPOLISH
Shade of redTOMATO
Bestie, perhapsGALPAL
Jobs done on one’s feet?PEDIS
Modern fashion portmanteauJORTS
Like the voice of Joan Jett or Janis JoplinRASPY
Agcy. founded by NixonDEA
Work upRILE
Soup eaten with chopsticksPHO

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