NYT Crossword Clue Answer April 12, 2024

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 NYT Crossword Clue Answer

The full solution for the NY Times 12 April, 2024 Crossword puzzle is displayed below.

Across Clues

“No surprise there”THATTRACKS
No angelsIMPS
Promise of a future return?IOWEYOUONE
Lose steamTIRE
Partner who’s deep undercover?BLANKETHOG
All-star groupELITE
Take a dim view of?HATEWATCH
Makeup of some sleeves, informallyTATS
Bit of detritus from a Thanksgiving mealCOB
Irene and Frederic Joliot-___, co-winners of the 1935 Nobel Prize in ChemistryCURIE
Room for creativityARTLAB
Letters in an empty slotTBA
Field you can feel, maybeAURA
Wyoming city, river or mountain rangeLARAMIE
N.F.L. team that has sold out every home game since 1970BRONCOS
European automakerFIAT
Buff relativeTAN
Considering retirement?SLEEPY
Block with a hornANVIL
Locale of the “angle point” on Nevada’s western borderTAHOE
Sturdy fabricDENIM
Prince, e.g.SON
Hand-held device discontinued in 2011PALMPILOT
Paul who wrote “Puppy Love”ANKA
“Just keep doing what you’re doing”DONTMINDME
“___: Hawaii” (2021 spinoff)NCIS
Vidalia, for oneSWEETONION
Goes downSETS
Buttery side dish that’s often grilledTEXASTOAST
The so-called “roof of the world”TIBET
Give a greeting, in slangHOLLA

Vertical Clues

The so-called “roof of the world”TIBET
Give a greeting, in slangHOLLA
Look forAWAIT
Rentals for some weddingsTENTS
Seafood delicacyROE
Save on rent, sayCOHABIT
Feeling of tightnessKNOT
Jason of TV’s “Shrinking”SEGEL
Misidentification in the DC UniverseITSAPLANE
Accompaniment for roast lambMINTSAUCE
Reason for a fare alertPRICEDROP
First name in late-nightSETH
Biblical unitCUBIT
Device that converts rotary motion into linear motionCAM
Go downEBB
40-Across alternative, informallyALFA
Ritual performed to break a spellRAINDANCE
Toiletry holder in a carry-onTRAVELKIT
Traditional serviceLATINMASS
Hot topic in criminology?ARSON
Take inEAT
___ Kirk Christiansen, founder of the Lego companyOLE
Brand name for the steroid mometasoneNASONEX
Piercing siteLIP
Chinese restaurant freebieHOTTEA
“It’s unclear”DUNNO
Country whose name is part of the NATO phonetic alphabetINDIA
Athletes who wear mawashiSUMOS
Done for the day, saySPENT
Takes a dim view ofPANS
Rob of “The West Wing”LOWE
Lavish display, as of colorRIOT
The islands of Hawaii, effectively: Abbr.MTS

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