NYT Crossword Clue Answer April 11, 2024

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 NYT Crossword Clue Answer

The full solution for the NY Times April 11, 2024, Crossword puzzle is displayed below.

Across Clues

Slicing and dicing, sayFOOD
Training unitREP
Share of the supplyRATION
Italian for “year”ANNO
___ wordINA
Lacking the wherewithalUNABLE
Subjects in a series of van Gogh landscape paintingsOLIVETREES
Pricey basketball ticketsCOURT
Ending with fluor- or chlor-IDE
Serious ___ (popular cooking blog)EATS
Some baby shower giftsONESIES
Self images?IDS
Modern scanning targetRETINA
Something to take when you’re in the darkSTAB
Not in one’s head, sayALOUD
Alternative to a handshakeDAP
Vintner’s concernAGING
With 46-Across, some areas in Clue ? or a hint to the first, fourth, twelfth and fifteenth rows of this puzzleSECRET
See 44-AcrossPASSAGES
Take a hitTOKE
Good hosts make themINTROS
“This is Me … Now” singer, familiarlyJLO
“Jaws” menaceMANE
Commonly mined material that’s relatively rare in Earth’s crust (about 2 p.p.m.)TIN
Lender you shouldn’t trustSHARK
Whales and alligators might be seen on themPOLOSHIRTS
Celebration in the worship of BacchusORGY
Like stubbleCOARSE
Comedian ___ MartinMAE
Valuable propertyPRIMER
Choice for a roundALE
Institution with galleries in Liverpool and CornwallTATE
“Nurse Jackie” starFALCO
Something that can be red or white, but not blueONION

Vertical Clues

“Nurse Jackie” starFALCO
Something that can be red or white, but not blueONION
When theatrical special effects happen, one hopesONCUE
Casino that houses the Penn & Teller TheaterRIO
Draft statusENLISTED
Settled upPAID
French translation of the Spanish “calle”RUE
Alternatives to blindsANTES
___ VanDerveer, coach who holds the record for the most wins in college basketball history (1,200+)TARA
Chorus for los toreadoresOLES
Platform for playing Kirby’s AdventureNES
Place to take shotsVEIN
“There’s something in the pantry!”EEK
Prosecution figs.DAS
Not right (for)INAPT
N.K. Jemisin’s “Broken Earth” trilogy, for oneSAGA
What has degrees in math?TRIG
Common Photoshop targetACNE
Appeals toBEGS
Like lightningFAST
Product made from vegetable oilOLEO
Be awesome, informallyROCK
100%, so to speakSURE
Crème de ___ (liqueur)CASSIS
Kind of leave or guidancePARENTAL
Author Joe Hill, vis-à-vis Stephen KingSON
Terse denialNOTI
Walter’s meth-dealing partner on “Breaking Bad”JESSE
Suddenly go silent, in modern dating lingoGHOST
“The Jeffersons” actress GibbsMARLA
Insider languageARGOT
Verb akin to “Zoom”SKYPE
“The Hound of the Baskervilles” locationMOOR
Jai ___ALAI
Name found in “affirmation”IRMA

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