NYT Crossword Clue Answer April 10, 2024

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 NYT Crossword Clue Answer

The full solution for the NY Times April 10, 2024 Crossword puzzle is displayed below.

Across Clues

Response to “Have a nice day!”YOUTOO
Spell that’s “broken” by 23-AcrossHEX
Hit song from “Flashdance”MANIAC
Outside, as a pitchAWAY
Place for a tiny hammerEAR
Popular Italian entree, informallyCHICKENPARM
Al Jolson’s actual first nameASA
“La Cage ___ Folles”AUX
Traditional crustless fruit pieAPPLEBETTY
First U.S. secretary of warHENRYKNOX
“This looks bad for me!”IMTOAST
Fatty acid compoundOLEATE
Beginner gamers, in lingoNOOBS
Kiln for hopsOAST
When doubled, beanie topperPOM
Spell that’s “broken” by 59-AcrossCURSE
Play date participantTOT
Spell that’s “broken” by 17-AcrossCHARM
Device first deployed in the U.S. by Chemical Bank (1969)ATM
Actress Palmer with a reduplicative nameKEKE
Feeder of the iliac arteriesAORTA
Shepherd formerly of “The View”SHERRI
Fees that may be based on cost-per-clickADRATES
Container in a kid’s backpackPENCILBOX
Crayola color that debuted in 1972HOTMAGENTA
Make publicAIR
Mess upERR
Intensive study programCRASHCOURSE
Sheltered sideLEE
Shock, in a wayTASE
Word derived from the Arabic for “lot”KISMET
Spell that’s “broken” by 49-AcrossPOX
Not deleteSTET
Killed it at open mic night, saySLAYED
Org. often referred to by its first letterYMCA
Island that’s home to a state capitalOAHU

Vertical Clues

Org. often referred to by its first letterYMCA
Island that’s home to a state capitalOAHU
What macOS is based onUNIX
Game piece?TIC
Cabinet materialOAK
Father, in regional lingoPAPPY
___ in the parkAWALK
Be afraid toDARENOT
Semiotician’s interestSYMBOL
Recipe verbHEAT
Where runway 9 is always oriented at an airportEAST
? Whiskey, ___, Yankee ?XRAY
Iconic fund-raising “thank you” giftNPRTOTE
PC program file extensionEXE
Canterbury cooktopsHOBS
Gently acclimate, with “in”EASE
Atahualpa’s subjectsINCAS
Communicate silently, in a wayMOUTH
Crooner MelTORME
In a bicoastal relationship, sayAPART
Linzer ___ (pastry)TORTE
Heroines in novels by Flaubert and AustenEMMAS
Fine and dandyAOK
Ninja’s forteSTEALTH
Dear, in ItalianCARO
The Cardiff Giant, for oneHOAX
1965 film starring George Segal that was set in a P.O.W. campKINGRAT
Tach measureRPM
Flinches or smiles, e.g.REACTS
Winners over the Yanks in the 2001 World SeriesDBACKS
Like crown jewelsINSET
Give a boostHELP
Popular name for a tuxedo catOREO
Prehistoric predator, informallyTREX
“Gee, I Wish I Was Back in the ___” (song from “White Christmas”)ARMY
No longer working: Abbr.RETD
How John D. Rockefeller made his moneyOIL

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