NYT Crossword Clue Answer 8 April, 2024

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 NYT Crossword Clue Answer

The full solution for the NY Times 8 April, 2024 Crossword puzzle is displayed below.

Across Clues

They’re good to knowINS
Apt name for a Feb. 14 baby?VAL
Pressure meas.PSI
Coastal retreat?EBB
What was written as “(annoyed grunt)” on early scripts of “The Simpsons”DOH
Dolly, e.g.EWE
___ Specs (sports eyewear brand)REC
Baseball Hall-of-Famer DurocherLEO
Landmark legislation of 1972, for shortERA
What Scott Joplin might yell after a spill?RAGTIME
Org. authorized by the 16th AmendmentIRS
Hit upASK
Having muscle painMYALGIC
Spot markersXES
Deal withSEETO
Letters associated with Joseph SmithLDS
Kind of candle at a wedding ceremonyUNITY
Like the German article “das”NEUTER
Skier’s convenienceTBAR
Nancy in the Grammy Hall of FameSINATRA
Certain soccer kickTOEPOKE
“___ Back” (2004 Kenny Chesney hit)IGO
Game show host John MichaelHIGGINS
Sounds of disapprovalTUTS
Garnish with an ?OLIVE
Gave a red card, informallyDQED
Social stratumCASTE
Coiner of the term “ambient music”ENO
“Little Deuce ___” (Beach Boys hit)COUPE
Betting recklessly, in poker slangONTILT
More piddlingPUNIER
Things sometimes lined with bubble wrapMAILERS
Derby participants in JulyBATTERS
AMC competitorREGAL
“My gut says ?”IDBET
Subject of this puzzleMARTINI
Screening with a lot of characters?EYETEST
Broke offSECEDED
Possible solutionsIDEAS
Origin of the words “reindeer” and “husband”NORSE

Vertical Clues

Possible solutionsIDEAS
Origin of the words “reindeer” and “husband”NORSE
Famous specification for a 57-AcrossSHAKENNOTSTIRRED
One part ?VERMOUTH
Court hotshotLEGALEAGLE
Self-righteous typesPRIGS
Vehicle with an underride guardSEMI
Chill with ?ICECUBES
57-Across, per E.B. WhiteELIXIROFQUIETUDE
Accessory in many Rembrandt self-portraitsBERET
Giving ordersBOSSY
“For those wanting a summary,” in internet-speakTLDR
Leaves in hot waterTEA
Alternative to an energy drink, perhapsNAP
Ben Folds Five, e.g., oddly enoughTRIO
Soften, with “down”TONE
“Abbott Elementary,” for oneSITCOM
Chuckwalla relativeIGUANA
Real gemKEEPER
“___ Game” (sci-fi classic)ENDERS
Five parts ?GIN
One is seen on the poster for “The Devil Wears Prada”STILETTO
“You’d better not go there ?”DONTEVEN
Lamenting linesELEGIES
Tighten the purse stringsCUTBACK
Prefix with fixTRANS
Member of la familiaPADRE
Vent featureSLIT
Racers’ wearBIBS
Mission involving Spirit and Opportunity, in briefMER
Homophone of a body part and a letterAYE
Stephen of “V for Vendetta”REA
Do a simple calculationADD

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