How to Farm Rupees in TotK (Tears of the Kingdom)

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Link finds himself in a predicament when he awakens without a single rupee to his name. This lack of funds poses a significant challenge, but fear not! We have the perfect solution to help you amass a fortune in no time.

Our expert guide will reveal the most effective methods and clever tricks for farming rupees in Tears of the Kingdom. With this invaluable resource at your disposal, you’ll ensure a steady stream of wealth to support your epic adventures throughout the game.

How to Farm Rupees in TotK (Tears of the Kingdom)

Follow the below-given steps to Farm Rupees in Totk:

Completing the Regional Phenomena Main Quest

Completing the Regional Phenomena Main Quest

Before farming rupees in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, complete the important Rito Village quest. This quest unlocks features and affects animal availability. Without it, finding animals for hunting is challenging due to a blizzard caused by the phenomena. Prioritize this quest before starting rupee farming.

Location: Snowfield Stable in Hebra Mountains

Location: Snowfield Stable in Hebra Mountains

To start rupee farming, go to the Snowfield Stable in the northwest Hebra Mountains. It’s a base for hunting wildlife in the snowy area. Remember warm gear, food, or elixirs for the cold, and a horse for faster travel.

Animal Hunting Tips

Animal Hunting Tips

Prepare for your hunting expedition in the Tabantha Tundra near the Snowfield Stable. Look for Tabantha Moose, Cold-footed Wolves, and Grizzlemaw Bears. Approach them carefully, then jump off your horse and slow time by drawing your bow to take precise headshots. Collect the meat quickly before it freezes for better quality.

Respawn of Animals and Rupee Yield

Respawn of Animals and Rupee Yield

One advantage of hunting animals in Tears of the Kingdom is that they respawn regularly, even outside of Blood Moons. This ensures a steady supply of hunting opportunities, allowing you to potentially earn thousands of rupees per hour with perseverance and luck.

Cooking and Selling Meat

Cooking and Selling Meat

To maximize your earnings, utilize the resources you’ve gathered efficiently. Combine five pieces of Gourmet Meat to create a valuable Meat Skewer, selling for 315 Rupees. Similarly, cooking five pieces of Raw Prime Meat together can be sold for 135 Rupees.

During your hunting loop between the South Tabantha Snowfield and North Tabantha Snowfields, avoid the western edge near the mountains’ start. Beware of the Frost Gleeok miniboss in the area, as it can disrupt your farming. Stay clear of its path to ensure uninterrupted progress.

Additional Tips for How to Make Money in TOTK

While the hunting method near the Snowfield Stable is the most profitable, there are other ways to quickly earn rupees in Tears of the Kingdom:

Help Addison put up the President Hudson Signs

Whenever you encounter Addison in Tears of the Kingdom, be sure to assist him in putting up the signs he requests. In return for your help, he often rewards you with rupees. So, lend a hand and earn some extra currency for your endeavors.

Shoot Blupees repeatedly

Blupees, the glowing creatures in Tears of the Kingdom, can be found in specific areas. To collect rupees from them, jump off a ledge and glide with your paraglider while drawing your bow to slow time. Shoot multiple arrows at the Blupees in mid-air to gather rupees swiftly and increase your wealth.

Catch Star Fragments while falling

Keep an eye out for shooting stars that occasionally fall from the sky in Tears of the Kingdom. By positioning yourself strategically and timing your actions, you can catch these falling star fragments. Selling them can earn you a substantial amount of rupees, so seize the opportunity to boost your wealth when you spot a shooting star.

Mine caves and the depths for rare ore deposits

Venture into the depths of Tears of the Kingdom’s caves to discover rare ore deposits. Look out for gold sparkles that indicate the presence of these valuable resources. Mined from the deposits, gemstones like Ruby and Sapphire fetch high prices when sold. Don’t overlook the hidden wealth waiting to be unearthed in the game’s underground caverns.

Shoot off dragon parts

Keep an eye on the skies of Tears of the Kingdom, as majestic dragons make occasional appearances. Shooting off parts from these dragons, such as scales or claws, can reward you with valuable items. While selling these items can earn you a substantial amount of rupees, remember that dragon parts are also crucial for enhancing weapons and armor. Consider your options wisely before parting with these precious resources.


In conclusion, gathering rupees in Tears of the Kingdom may pose an initial challenge, but with the strategies provided, you can successfully farm rupees and amass wealth in the game. By engaging in activities such as hunting, cooking valuable meals, helping others, capturing Blupees, collecting star fragments, mining gemstones, and obtaining dragon parts, you can steadily increase your rupee count. With perseverance and resourcefulness, Link’s journey to financial prosperity will be well underway.

FAQs About Tears of the Kingdom

Are there any specific requirements to start farming rupees in Tears of the Kingdom?

Yes, you need to complete the regional phenomena’ main quest near Rito Village before animals reappear in the game world.

Can I farm rupees without hunting animals?

While hunting animals is the most lucrative method, there are alternative ways to earn rupees, such as completing tasks for NPCs, shooting Blupees, catching Star Fragments, mining rare ore deposits, and shooting off dragon parts.

How often do animals respawn for hunting?

Animals respawn outside of Blood Moons, so you can continue hunting them indefinitely.

Are there any risks or dangers involved in hunting animals?

The main risk is encountering the Frost Gleeok miniboss on the western edge of the Tabantha Snowfields. It’s best to avoid it to prevent interruptions in your hunting.

Can I use the gathered meat for other purposes besides selling?

Yes! The meat can be used for cooking various recipes that provide health restoration and buffs to Link.

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